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Gallery Of Illustrations By Mete Kaplan Eker - Turkey
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Mete Kaplan Eker - Turkey
I’m living in Istanbul.
I was born in 1986, in Tarsus and I grew up in Mersin.
I graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts and Textile Design department in Marmara University.
I am currently working as an illustrator with a lot of agencies, brands, magazines and publishing houses.
My work has been featured in many magazines, books and exhibitions.
I would see my works as shades of darkness.
I like working in contrast and antique colors onto a dark background.
Dark tones deepen the sense of my works even more.
I work mainly on figure and floral patterns, and I also use crayons, watercolors and aging effects frequently.
Renaissance art is the biggest source of my inspiration.
Although my works do not exactly look like them, I try to reflect deepness in their dark colors and elegant gestures & posture in their figures on my works.
So to speak, the works from this historical age have its own spirits.
Beside that, travelling and music… I travel as much as possible.
Every place that I travel to provides me with new stories.
My existence is linked to art.
Art sends me away from insipidity of the life.

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