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Gallery Of Illustrations By Massimo Carnevale - Italy
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Massimo Carnevale - Italy
Massimo Carnevale (born 1967) is an Italian cartoonist and illustrator, most famous for creating covers for comic books.
Massimo Carnevale began his career at the publishing house Cioe e Tattilo in 1987 before joining the artist team of Eura Editoriale.
From 1990 onwards, he has drawn strips and mainly covers for the magazines LancioStory and Skorpio.
Most of his comic stories were made in cooperation with the scriptwriter Lorenzo Bartoli, including the six part mini-series 'Il Dono di Eric' in 2000.
Then in the late 1990s, when the magazines' most popular comics 'Dago' and 'Martin Hel' got their own series, Carnevale painted the covers of these titles as well.
For the 'John Doe' series (2003), Carnevale has contributed both cover illustrations and interior art.
From 1994 to 1995 he additionally cooperated on the magazine Arthur King for Editrice Cierre.

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