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Gallery Of Illustrations By Marco Bucci - Canada
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Marco Bucci - Canada 
Marco Bucci recognized two things at a young age.
The first was that he wanted to become a professional artist. The second was that he couldn't draw. This delayed him for quite some time. He filled that time pursuing other artistic interests such as music and writing, but the urge to draw never left him.
?At age 19 he began to study classical drawing, which led him to kindle a love for painting and illustration.
?He hasn't looked back since.
?Marco's experience includes books, film, animation, and advertising. His clients include: Walt Disney Publishing Worldwide, LEGO, LucasArts, Mattel Toys, Fisher-Price, Hasbro, Nelvana, GURU Studio, C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, Yowza! Animation Inc., Pipeline Studios, and more.
?Marco is also a passionate teacher, and currently teaches "The Art Of Color & Light" at CG Master Academy, running four semesters per year.
?Marco is represented by Shannon Associates LLC.


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