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Gallery Of Illustrations By Marcelo Braga - Argentina
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Marcelo Braga - Argentina
Macacolandia brings together today the most recent projects and works of illustrator Marcelo Braga. Besides the professional part, the site includes Diburros, his blog with sketches, ideas and personal portfolio.
Since 2014, Braga has worked exclusively with Y & R and has eventually become involved in editorial projects that do not conflict with the agency.
The name Macacolandia, an old acquaintance of the advertising market, comes from the illustration studio that shared with Danilo Beyruth, Marcelo Daldoce and Maurício Zuardi until 2011.
The studio made beautiful, gained a lot of space between editors and art directors of the main agencies of Brazil, consolidating An enviable reputation and a consistent body of work.
In 2004, the year of the Monkey in the Chinese horoscope, the studio began, greatly influenced by masters such as Fransesc Petit and Brasilio Matsumoto, heritage of the illustrators' passage through the DPZ and 6B studio.
Two years later they launched the "Give more life to the drawings" campaign made by Fischer America, today Fischer & Friends. It has been quite successful and is still thoroughly plagiarized, copied and reproduced there.
Macacolandia was also nominated for the 2007 Best of the Club of Creation Club in Sao Paulo along with veterans and friends Adelmo Barreira and 6B Studio, who won the trophy.
Video portfolio of 2007 edited by Mauritius for presentation in the "CCSP - Best of the Market 2007" award. The team at the time were Danilo Beyruth, Marcelo Daldoce, Marcelo Braga, Maurício Zuardi, Aline P. Butler, Bruno Monteiro and Maria Helena Souza. Soundtrack: "Happy Boy", Beat Farmers, Tales of the New West (1985)
Later in 2009, Mauricio decided to leave the studio to devote himself entirely to design, showing a lot of competence and talent as usual. However, once monkey, always monkey and its collaborations with Macacolandia are constant. This is the old site and this one, brand new.
A year later Daldoce traded Sao Paulo through the streets of Broklyn, NY, acting there as one of the most promising Brazilian artists.
Danilo also gave in to his passion for comics and left the studio in 2011 to become one of the most important comics in the country with the award-winning Graphic Novels "Bando de Dois", "Astronaut - Magnetar", "Sao Jorge" Astronaut - Singularity "and several others.
He currently makes comics for MARVEL.


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