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Gallery Of Illustrations By Mahesh Nambiar - India
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Mahesh Nambiar is an Indian artist, based in Kerala, and he is a lead animator at Auryn Inc.
He manages to caricature famous people in a way that is funny, and also real.
They don’t seem insulting, like the majority of caricatures, they tend to be just plain funny.
His stunning caricatures won many gold medals at the global caricature contest.
He has worked as an Animation director at Toonz Animation Pvt Ltd at Trivandrum.
In his successful career he has experience in Asst Animation Director and as a 2D Animator.
Mahesh holds his degree from University of Calicut and has worked in several companies like Toei Animation based at Tokyo, Japan, Heart Animation based at Hyderabad, Auryn Usa, which has helped groom his style and technique.


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