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Gallery Of Illustrations By Luis Scafati - Argentina
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Luis Scafati - Argentina
He began to draw in childhood, comics were his main source of encouragement and learning. He studied arts at the Faculty of Plastic Arts of the National University of Cuyo.
From a very young age, he published his drawings in different Argentinean media, Humor, Tía Vicenta, Noticias, El Periodista, Pendulo, Clarin, Sur, ADN, the cultural supplement of La Nacion, El Pais, among others.
Scafati experimented with drawing in various variants, graphic humor and comics dye their image, developing an eclectic style where different schools and techniques converge (ink, pencil, coal, watercolor, tempera, pastel, transfer).
Incursiono in the engraving, works with silkscreen, etching and lithography. Highlighting the illustration of literary texts, some classics like Martin Fierro or Don Quixote. His works have been exhibited in Barcelona,Frankfurt and Madrid and integrate the collections of important museums, among them the Sivori Museum, the National Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Argentina; The House of Humor and Satire of Bulgaria; The Collection of Cartoon of Switzerland and the University of Essex in England. His works have been published in Korea, Spain, France, Czech Republic, England, Greece, Italy and Mexico.
Among other books he illustrated: The Missing City, by Ricardo Piglia, Argentinian Mythological Beings by Adolfo Colombres, Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis, The Adventures of Arthur Gordon Pynn by Edgar Allan Poe, "The Jorobadito" by Roberto Arlt, "El Castle "by Franz Kafka," Report on the Blind "by Ernesto Sabato," The Scarlet Plague "by Jack London.
Ink China is an anthological book that gathers part of his work published in journalism. Mambo Urbano, edited by Urraca, shows a set of texts and drawings whose central theme is the city of Buenos Aires. The ghost train, is a book of drawings.
The old one, edited by Punto Sur, and Cabeza fresco, edited by Diogenes, are books of erotic drawings. In 2013 appears "Cadaver exquisito" book that gathers drawings and texts of Luis Scafati.
In 2007, the Spanish publishing house El Zorro Rojo published Dracula, with texts and drawings of him, based on the original of Bran Stoker. It is published in Czechoslovakia, Brazil and England.
He exhibits his drawings, paintings and sculptures in art galleries and national and foreign museums. In 1981 he won the Grand Prize of Honor at the National Drawing Salon, the highest distinction that can be given to a draftsman in Argentina. In 2003 he made a mural at the Teatro Independencia in the city of Mendoza, where he was named illustrious citizen that same year. In 2012 he received the Konex Award - Diploma to Merit as one of the 5 best illustrators of the decade in Argentina. In 2012 he is named Doctor Honoris Causa of the Faculty of Arts and Design of the National University of Cuyo.

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