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Gallery Of Illustrations By Job Van Gelder - Netherlands
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Job van Gelder - Netherlands
Job van Gelder
I am Job van Gelder, good at making nice drawings. More precisely, I am very good at making viewing pleasure. For young and old. Since 2003 I work as a freelance illustrator and designer.
I opted not for nothing that name. The craftsmanship and precision posed by that name fits me well. On this website you will naturally find an overview of work that I made earlier.
Past results indicate fortunately some guidance for the future.
I create illustrations for various (educational) publishers, liver for years the illustrations for the financial supplement of national newspapers Wegener'm instance since 2010 freelance illustrator and designer for the Efteling .
Early 2015 four picture books of my hand have appeared in the golden book series. For special projects, I also stand before the class.
Game Design at St Luke's example, or guest lectures at the Academy of Creative Technology, Saxion University.
Usually my work is illustrative in nature.
And think quickly on paper: books and magazines, on posters and cards. But also my illustrations come to life like animation in a website, or play in a commercial.
Typical of my work is the attention to detail, attention to material expression, soft colors and lines and a touch of the past. Moreover, I sincerely believe that the fun, creativity, attention and care that are so typical of my work and way of thinking finds its way into the spotlight.
Valuable ingredients for the transfer of knowledge, stories and emotions.
I work mostly drawings digitally, with a drawing tablet, without losing the paper feel.


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