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Gallery Of Illustrations By Jean Baptiste Monge - Canada
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Jean-Baptiste Monge issued his first illustrated book Halloween in 1996, in collaboration with Erle Ferronniere with whom he worked for 10 years ; the book has been published by Avis de tempete, further renamed Au Bord des Continents.In 2004, Jean-Baptiste Monge and Erle Ferronniere agreed to end their collaboration, each willing to go it alone.In 2006, he issued his first solo book, Carnet de croquis, archives de Feerie Tome I, illustration, texts and layout.In October 2007, he attended FaeriCon ‘07 in Philadelphia (USA) in order to get contacts for the publication in the United States of A la recherche de Féerie Tomes I and II, Carnet de croquis as well as Celtic Faeries.In 2007 and 2008, he worked for the collective books L'Univers des Dragons published by Galerie Daniel Maghen.In October 2008, during the Utopiales, 9th edition of the International Science-Fiction Festival (Nantes 2008-10-29 to 2008-11-02), he received the Wojtek Siudmak Award 2008 for the cover illustration of Comptines assassines, Pierre Dubois's book published by Hoebeke.The jury of Spectrum 16 (Kansas City 2009-03-02) has given special recognition for superior achievement to artists in each of eight categories. Silver Award for Book Illustration has been given to Jean-Baptiste Monge. The jury consisted of Kevin Brimmer artist/art director Muller Bressler Brown, David Dorman artist, Donato Giancola artist/instructor School of Visual Arts, Steven Sanders artist, and Robert Self publisher: Baby Tattoo Books.He was presented the Art&fact Award 2009 for his entire work by James Gurney (Dinotopia) during the Utopiales, 10th edition of the International Science-Fiction Festival (Nantes 2009-10-28 to 2009-11-01).The jury of Spectrum 19 (Kansas City 2009-05-19) has given to Jean-Baptiste Monge the Silver Award for Book Illustration and the Golden Award for Editorial. The jury consisted of Peter de Seve artist, Jeremy Cranford Sr. Art Manager/Blizzard Entertainment, Dawn Rivera-Ernster Director: Talent Development & Recruitment Walt Disney Animation Studios, Scott Gustafson artist, and Jon Schindehette Senior Creative Director Wizards of the Coast.


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