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Gallery Of Illustrations By Herve Tanquerelle - France
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Herve Tanquerelle - France
Herve Tanquerelle, born on August 9, 1972 in Nantes, is a cartoonist.
Herve Tanquerelle studied at the Ecole Emile-Cohl in Lyon, and has as professor Yves Got, draftsman of the black baron scripted by Rene Petillon.
In 1998, he published his first book, La Ballade du Petit Pendu, at the Association.
He participated in Comix 2000.
Following a collaboration with Hubert on the series The Legacy of the Alchemist he made the first three volumes. Joann Sfar finds him and gives him the graphic part of the series Professor Bell from the third album of the series to the fifth at the moment.
Regular contributor in the monthly Cosmic Capsule, he creates the character of Tete Noire, a Mexican wrestler who fights against silly monsters.
Shakabam is the first album of the Tete Noire series.
He was one of the regular designers of Lucha Libre in which he designed Melindez and the Luchadoritos, a series of gags in one page by Jerry Frissen.
He is, along with Gwen de Bonneval, Bruno, Cyril Pedrosa and Fabien Vehlmann, one of the founders of the digital comic magazine Professor Cyclops.


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