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Gallery Of Illustrations By Gustavo Aimar - Argentina
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Graphic designer, illustrator, artist. Aimar was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His family relocated to Trelew, in the Patagonia region of Argentina where he lives to this day.
His curiosity in drawing and art in general manifested at a very early age.
He studied at the Centro Polivalente de Arte of Trelew between 1987 and 1991 where he obtained a degree to teach Art and Drawing . In 1993 he went back to Buenos Aires to study Graphic Design. Since 1986 hi has shown his work consistently in shows and galleries. Has been a member or the Illustrator's Forum of Argentina since 2004. He was selected to show his illustration work at the Bologna Book Fair in 2008 and the Bratislava Illustration Biennial in 2009.
He's currently devoted full time to illustrating children's books and doing editorial work for various publications. In his free time he continues to create art and personal proyects.
For those like me who work with ideas, images, and concepts - and at the same time are inspired by the world around us- the "fun" factor is very important. When I talk about fun, I mean stimulus, will, connection, interaction.
When I work I'm always looking for these factors in the materials I chose or happen to "find".
In addition to the limits imposed by personal style, technique, themes, or odd habits, materials themselves are a source of inspiration and limitless stimulation.
Incorporating elements that allow different levels of "reading" my work is always fun for me. I love to travel around the image, decode it, interpret it, and listen to what it has to say.I'd like to think that this is what I am accomplishing when I incorporate little bits and pieces of paper from old books, labels, postage stamps and fabric.
Sometimes the materials can unexpectedly suggest different things from what I originally had in mind. It is very important for me to let these variables flow freely and come back to the concept of having fun with your materials and your work.
I work with a lot more freedom when I work for my own pleasure. The case is different if I'm responding to a determined project; I act a bit more cautiously, no doubt about it.


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