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Gallery Of Illustrations By Grant Regan - Australia
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Grant Regan - Australia
Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, I am a concept artist, matte-painter, storyboard and key-frame artist, retoucher, illustrator and art director with a proven track record in the fields of previsualisation and post-production.
With over 14 years professional experience and until recently based in Oslo, Norway for the past decade, I’ve worked on a number of major Norwegian Film and Games productions.
I was the lead concept artist and assistant art director for the AAA MMORPG ‘Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures‘ and I worked as the lead concept artist on follow-up expansion ‘Rise of the Godslayer‘.
I’ve undertaken matte-painting work on the Norwegian films, ‘Kon-Tiki‘ (nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe), ‘Reisen til Julestjernen‘, ‘Solan og Ludvig – Jul i Flaklypa‘, ‘Solan og Ludvig – Herfra til Flaklypa‘ and ‘Kongens Nei‘ as well as concept design work for the animated films ‘Knutsen og Ludvigsen og den faele Rasputin‘ and ‘Solan og Ludvig – Herfra til Flaklypa‘.
A number of these films have won awards in the Norwegian Amanda awards as well as achieving record tickets sales in their home country.
My IMDB filmography can be found here.
Additionally, I’ve undertaken previsualisation, storyboard and key-frame work for a number of television commercials, and book illustrations for a series of young adult fiction.
I have extensive experience in the creation and communication of a coherent art style to a team through previsualisation and direction.
I’ve also been called upon to provide constant and consistent feedback to team members and external contractors alike, ensuring assets meet a designated brief as well as the production’s vision, and are of the highest standard.
Additionally I have experience with 3D modelling packages such as Modo, 3D-sculpting packages such as Zbrush, texturing with Mari and some experience compositing with Nuke.
I’ve worked directly with ingame tools in a number of projects, not least on ‘Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures’ where I personally undertook the creation of a number of game environments.
Recent clients include StartVR, Ink Project, Paradox Films.
Creativity and working with my hands is in my blood and in the past few years I’ve taken to hand-building bicycles including the frames and I’m currently in the process of building a workshop.


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