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Gallery Of Illustrations By Gijs Kast - Netherlands
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Gijs Kast - Netherlands
illustrator Gijs Kast, Born30-12-1983, Amsterdam
Gijs' masterpiece is the book BOHNHASE.
This book is based on his life in a so-called “problem area”.
According to the Dutch media, is was kind of a horribel getto. Gijs on the other hand saw the affluence of the neighbourhood.
His mission was to illustrate the charm of the area. Some research among his neighbours, showed him the undercover labour market up there.
All those peeps seemed to have some kind of business.
Mr. Harry was plumbing, Miss. Annie knitting.. That gathered all their – functional – data and made an undercover version of Yellow Pages.
2004 – 2008 – Design Academy Eindhoven – Man & Communication dept. – graduated
2007 – Internship Studio Boot ‘s Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands)
2007 – Internship Pixelpunk Biel Bienne (Switserland)
Currently, Gijs is located in Istanbul. In the middle of the Turkish society, he is producing a new book. It is kinda like a illustrated documentary, about the Turkish people.

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