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Gallery Of Illustrations By Francesco Bongiorni - Spain
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Francesco Bongiorni - Spain
Francesco Bongiorni creates impactful and conceptual images, interpreting and synthesizing complex ideas in an original way.
Francesco produces strong and sophisticated illustrations, conveying a clear and direct message to the viewer.
He speaks and works in three languages (Italian, English and Spanish) and splits his time between Milan, Madrid and London.
His illustrations have been included in the following annuals: Society of Illustrators Annual, Creative Quarterly, Communication Arts annual.
The New York Times, The NewYorker, The Guardian, Washington Post, Scientific American, Time, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Harvard Business Review, The George Washington University, Yale University, Penn University; Princeton University, The Royal Academy of Arts, Ac Milan, Lancome, Nautilus, Penguin Random House, Plansponsor, Le Monde
Latin American Illustration 4 Awards Winner, 2015
American Illustration AIAP 34 Winner, 2015
3x3 International Show No.11 Merit and Honorable Mention, 2014
Altpick Members Acknowledged for Excellence Winner, 2014
Creative Quarterly CQ29 and CQ34 winner
New Visual Artist PRINT Magazine, 2011
Communication Arts Illustration Annual 51, 2010
Franco Parenti Theatre, Milan, 2012
Communication Arts
Society of Illustrators of New York Annual
Creative Quarterly 100 Best Annual
3x3 International Show Annual
PRINT Magazine
SILA - The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles Annual.
American Illustration.

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