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Gallery Of Illustrations By David Sossella – Italy
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David Sossella - Italy
I was born in Venice in 1976. In Venice I was first graduated from the High School of Fine Arts and then at the Academy of Fine Arts.
In 2001, I began working as a graphic designer and illustrator for various communication agencies.
I also worked at an animation studio as the head of the graphic team.
In 2010, I and three other Manifactory partners, created a creative organization.
We work on creative and illustrative projects for customers from all over the world.
In 2014, Gusto Robusto will also create an independent project for producing artistic images in vector graphics.
My work has a lot of influence, I like to make everything that I like to become a fusion. I love traditional Japanese, science fiction, Soviet graphics, Western mysticism, alchemy, love making animals and vehicles.
I like to add life to my pictures and fill them with hidden quotes and meanings.

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