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Gallery Of Illustrations By Dani Torrent - Spain
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Dani Torrent - Spain
Dani Torrent Celona, 1974
Curso Ilustracion at the School of Design and Llotja Art in Barcelona and holds a degree in Art History from the University of Barcelona. Completed his academic formation with several courses of cinematographic direction. His work participated in several individual and collective exhibitions in Barcelona and Seville, Italy and Hungary, among other countries. He won the Young Creators Award of the Fundacion Fita and the second prize of the international drawing competition of Zazbre in Poland. He was a finalist of the Cabildo illustrated contest of Gran Canaria and selected in the CJ Book Festival of Korea.
He has published his illustrations in Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Estonia and the United States in the field of advertising, printing and publishing, especially children's books, some of them written by him (My grandfather Carmelo, Piu-piu, Album for days of Rain or The mystery of the mother lawyer)


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