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Gallery Of Illustrations By Cristiano Siqueira - Brazil
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Cristiano Siqueira - Brazil
I’m Cristiano Siqueira, an illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brasil and I work exclusively with digital tools, mainly vector.
To this website, I bring the most important and most enjoyable projects that I had opportunity to work with during my career.
Before working with illustration, I started my career as graphic designer, working in projects for books, CD covers, magazines, posters and advertising. Some years later, I started to work on packaging design, for toys and food industry.
With 6 years professional experience in the graphic design industry, I was able to understand, improve and contribute to more projects where my illustration work was required. So, in 2005, I finally jumped to the illustration world, starting my solo career as illustrator.
My first works were related to book projects (covers and internal illustrations), magazines and packaging design.
Later, my illustrations were required to advertising, t-shirt design, posters and website projects.

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