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Gallery Of Illustrations By Brandon Loving - Usa
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Brandon Loving - USA
Brandon is sort of an ass. Always has been, always will be. As a snot-nosed kid, he used to draw caricatures of family members, taking special care to hone in on every quirky detail. Today, not much has changed.
The only difference now is that the personalities he draws are far more deserving. Vowing to use his talents for good and never evil, Brandon works and plays as an illustrator and design enthusiast in the Midwest.
His biggest strengths lie in his willingness to take on new challenges, and a knack for holding himself to impossible standards.
Need an easy-going creative who can find humor in just about anything? Well, look no further! You’ll find no easier ass to work with than Brandon Loving.
Brandon Loving is a Kansas City-based freelance illustrator focused on portraiture, satire, pop culture, and nostalgia.
Brandon likes baseball, comics, movies, comic book movies, ice cream, and mid-century design. His best, worst quality, would probably be that he just cares too damn much.
Need a portrait idolizing an athlete or diminishing a politician? Maybe you're looking for something sardonic, or mildly grotesque. I'm up for anything. Give me a holler!
Clients include: Esquire • ESPN • Men’s Health • Barkley • The New York Times • Whiskey Design • Mental Floss • Popular Science • The Hollywood Reporter •Shaun White Industries • Andrews McMeel Universal • Pitchfork Review • Seattle Met • Portland Mercury.


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