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Gallery Of Illustrations By Bill Carmanart - South Korea
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Bill Carmanart - South Korea
Bill Carmen was born in Korea and grew up in the Gulf of California. Carmen has earned a BFA in image and image communications and MFA in painting.
He has worked as a designer, art director, conceptual artist and technical illustrator, and works for free and at the University of Bays, Idaho.
Carmen is a leading surrealist and contemporary painter, whose work is a unique combination of levels, media and labeling.
His collective work is a strange mix of organic and mineral. Through his work, Carmen tries to create a reality that the tedious nature of this world is often worldly.
Bill Carmen's work has been featured at the American Drama Museum and across the country's galleries.
Her work is highlighted on an authentic annual volume, including those for organizations such as the Illustrative Society, the American Image and the Spectrum.
His pictures in the Bowie University Magazine have won the BERNES, CERGE, and CASE Awards.
In 2015, the first Carmen raisonne store, Imagery, was released from the bird house.
Bill Carmen's work is featured in numerous exhibitions and publications, including the Illustrative Yearly Association, the American Image, 3 × 3 Magazine, RSVP and Spectrum.
His pictures are also on CD cover, in magazines, and in posters from local cinema organizations such as Susan G.
Koomen Foundation, Snow Snow Treatments for Cancer and the Arthritis Foundation. The images for the University Magazine Focus Center have won the bronze, silver and gold prize from CASE.
Bill has also published the book "What's This Smash", published by Random House.

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