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Gallery Of Illustrations By Bartolome Segui - Spain
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Bartolome Segui - Spain
Bartolome Segui
Bartolome (also Tomeu) Segui Nicolau is a cartoonist, illustrator and Spanish publisher, born in Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands) in 1962.
He has published his works in magazines as diverse as Madriz or El Vibora and, turning to the French market, won in 2009 the National Comic Prize for the blind snakes, made in collaboration with the screenwriter Felipe Hernandez Cava.
As a child, Bartolome Segui read and copy draftsmen from the Bruguera School (Francisco Ibanez, Raf, Vazquez) and Franco-Belgians (Morris).
In the late seventies, he discovered authors such as Alberto Breccia, Carlos Gimenez, Moebius, Munoz and Sampayo or Hugo Pratt in the magazines Totem and Comix Internacional, who decided on his vocation.
His first comic appeared in Senda del comomico (1979) .
Professional beginnings (1983-1989)
He then received painting classes in Barcelona,while trying to make his way through national comic books, participating in Toutain Editor's 1983 comic book.
It was, however, through a study partner, daughter of Fernando Fernandez, Who was able to publish his first comic strip as a professional in the magazine that was going to edit this one: "Metropol" (1983). After his early closing, he published in Madriz "En alas de Mercurio" where his character appears for the first time the detective Simon Feijoo (1986), whose following short stories were compiled in the album A salto de mata (Editorial Complot, 1989).
He also published in El Víbora the series Lola and Ernesto (1988) and Hector and Rita (1990) .
Illustrator (1989-1997)
From 1989, with La Capseta d'Ivori he had turned to the illustration: Les curioses revoltes d'en Xaterot (1990), Traficant d'armes (1991), Al damunt d'un polvorí (1992), Les dues Banderes (1992), L'abat Oliva (1993), etc.
He also published comic albums such as "Luigi es Luis" (Ed. Milan, 1991) and "Locus de Barna"
Return to Mallorca (1998-2006)
After returning to Mallorca and with Sonia Delgado, he embarked on the publication of two children's comic magazines: Rifi Rafe, weekly supplement of the newspaper Ultima hora (1998-2002), 2 and Esquitx since 2000.
In the new century, he published for Edicions de Ponent, two other albums by Simon Feijoo: Cohibas Connection with script by Carles Santamaría (2001) and Coca or ensaimada? (2003). With El sueno de Mexico (2004), written by Ramon de Espana (2004), he made his debut in the Franco-Belgian market through the publishing house Paquet. He also diversified his role as a children's illustrator, with stories for the publishing house Cruilla or SM or textbooks for Santillana and for Spanish for the Langenscheidt German publishing house.
Along the way, several comic strips in publications outside the medium, Two album projects that did not finish with Jorge Zentner in the script, 3 in addition to the strip Vuits I Nous, published daily since 2004 in the newspaper Última hora de Baleares, with a screenplay by Ferran Aguilo.
Maturity and recognition (2007-present)
In 2006 and resolved to carry out a more ambitious work, he convinced screenwriter Felipe Hernandez Cava to collaborate in The Blind Snakes, which received in 2008 the prizes for Best Work and Best Screenplay at the 27th International Comic Show in Barcelona, The 9th Critics Awards in the categories of Best Work and Best Screenplay and the National Comic Book Prize.
In June of that same year, both began The Chaos, a two-volume political thriller set in 1953.
He also attended the Comic Book Barcelona, as part of the Balearic representation honored in the same.
In 2011, next to Gabi Beltran to the script, he drew the graphic novel Stories of the neighborhood, winning work of the Premi Ciutat of Palm of Comic 2010. In 2014, appears a continuation of the work, Stories of the neighborhood (roads), published in Castilian by Astiberri and in Catalan by Esquitx. In 2016, both albums were published in a single joint volume.
From March to May 2016, the Casal Solleric of Palma de Mallorca programmed the exhibition Interseccions.
Il·lustracions i historietes by Bartolome Segui, curated by Juan Roig, a magnificent trip for his career as a draftsman. The catalog includes complete graphic documentation and abundant autobiographical material.


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