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Gallery Of Illustrations By Aytur Sahinbay - Turkey
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Aytur Sahinbay - Turkey
Born in 1986 in Bur. (Turkey).
I've started my design journey with wordless cartoons.
After that my story started to shape it seld and it made me to look for creative works. I've tried to be active about some art and design works.
So I've worked in big and small advertising agency as art director.
I'm obsessed with installations and illustrations.
And I'd like to take some pictures as multidirectional art director.
I've got some prizes in national and international competitions.
So some of my works got some place in mixed exhibitions.
Through these achievements, I mentioned on many different communication magazines/portals.
I am working at an advertising agency now and I continue my work life as freelance designer.
That's why I'd like to solve some .etic problems of firms, broadcaster companies, publishers and the people who needs personal designs. A. I'd like to focus and produce new ideas.
Antalya Organized Industrial Zone National Cartoon Cont. [second prize] 2017 - 55. Knokke-Heist International Cartoon Festival Golden Hat [special prize] 2016 - 3. Quality Association / Bursa National Cartoon Cont. [second prize] 2016 - 20. Nehar TUBLEK Cartoon Cont. [second prize] 2015 - 2. Quality Association Bursa National Cartoon Cont. [honorable mention] 2015 - T.C. Ministry of Labour and Social Security Cartoon Cont. [third prize] 2015 - 29. National 3. International 'antiquities' Cartoon Cont. [third prize] 2014 - 3. National Turhan SELcUK Cartoon Cont. [special prize] 2013 - 3. National Antalya Cartoon Cont. [honarable mention] 2013 - 3. International Ramiz GOKcE Cartoon Cont. [special prize] 2012

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