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Gallery Of Illustrations By Anne Pedersen - Denmark
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Danish illustrator.
Fortrinsvist is illustrated children's books.
Pedersens it with "to clear (" Show ") text" does not agree.
Text that something viktigaste, not traditional rankings between words and images do not show in her book.
It Pedersen and not in the text as a starting point, the starting point for your personal images to a halt.
His strange, the way it grows violence.
On the contrary - he is nine steam.
Pedersen does not follow its harmony, combining Do not use eye control.
He just decide what viktiga in the picture.
On the other hand, he invites the reader to discover.
But in countries, as well as the image sets the stage for a Sam read about as long as the habit of using other people's children, for example, the way Sam electronic media outlets expressed SIG.
Dynamic image - you can access it anywhere.
Pedersen kill a glimpse of a fox behind the eyes and ears here.
He likes the challenge, surprise and tease the reader here!
Born 1969 in North Jutland.
Lives in Copenhagen.
Studies in the School of Design in Kolding 1989-1994 with the departure of the Department of Visual Communication.
1994-1995 was used in the front room and kill free with books for children as well as other types of custom duties.
Award of the Ministry of Culture illustrator.
Danish Library Association's 1995 Children's Book Award in 1999, where award gick Kolding School of Design in the city now Denning representerade teacher, illustrator Lilian Brogger and four students Mette- that Kirstine Bak, Tien Modeweg- Hansen, Jensen and Kato Thau- Pedersen.


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