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Gallery Of Illustrations By Alice X Zhang - Usa
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Alice X Zhang - USA
Alice X Zhang is by far one of the most impressive artists I’ve come across in terms of her creativity and contributions to her craft.
She was born on November 8, 1988 and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand.
Ms. Zhang is a well traveled artist. She has also spent time in Hong Kong and New York.
Few artists have accomplished so much in so little time.
Ironically enough, Alice Zhang did not take to art immediately.
At the age of 6 her parents took her to painting classes and she hated them.
This changed when her chief interests became her primary influences for art.
She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in graphic design. RISD is annually ranked as the top art and design school in the United States.
Ms. Zhang worked as a designer for Freeze.
This company designs, sells, manufactures and distributes licensed clothing to retail. Currently she is a full time freelance painter, illustrator, and printmaker.
She recently created a set of licensed Doctor Who art that’s simply fantastic.
She has been a contributing member of Threadless for several years now and helped 319 designs get printed.

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