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Gallery Of Illustrations By Afonso Cruz - Brazil
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Afonso Cruz - Brazil 
Born in 1971 in Figueira da Foz and studied in the Fine Arts of Lisbon, at the Higher Institute of Plastic Arts of Madeira and Antonio Arroio. He is a writer, musician, filmmaker and illustrator.
He wrote eight books: The Beef of God (Bertrand), Encyclopedia of the Universal Story (Quetzal - Camilo Castelo Branco 2010 Grand Prize), The Books That Devoured My Father (Path - Literary Prize Maria Rosa Colaço 2009), The Human Contradiction (Path - 2011 R / RTP Authors Award, White Ravens 2011, Special Mention of the 2011 National Illustration Award, IBBY Honor Roll - International Book on Books for Young People, Read / Booktailors Award - Best Original Illustration), The Doll Of Kokoschka (Quetzal - Prize of the European Union for Literature), The Painter Under the Dishwasher (Path), Encyclopedia of Universal History - Collection of Alexandria (Alfaguara) and Jesus Christ Drinks Beer (Alfaguara - Time Out 2012 Award - Best Book of the Year). He also participated in the books Almanac of Dr. Thackery T. Lambshead Eccentric and Discredited Diseases (Emergency Exit), The Pleasure of Reading (FNAC / Theodolite), The Case of the Bizarre Corpse (Prado Cultural Association), Vollüspa (HMEditora), Anthology Fantasporto (Asa), Stories, and This Is Not A Tale.
Since 2007, he has illustrated about thirty books for children, working with authors such as José Jorge Letria, António Torrado and Alice Vieira. The book Diverses in Verses was selected by the International Youth Library / White Ravens 2010 and Galileo in the Light of a Star won the Read / Booktailors Award 2011 - Best Original Illustration. He has also published illustrations in magazines, book covers and advertising.
In 2007 he recorded a disc (Homemade Blues) with the band of which he is member, The Soaked Lamb, for which he composed all the originals, wrote lyrics, played guitar, harmonica, banjo, lap steel, ukulele and sang. In 2010, he released a new CD, Hats and Chairs, original only and with several guests. The third album is from 2012 and is called Evergreens.
The Soaked Lamb was one of the bands distinguished at the Pop Eye Awards 2011, awarded by the Cáceres Pop Art Festival in Spain.
He has worked as an animator in several films and series such as The Wonderful Expedition to the Enchanted Islands; Pilots of The Demand of R, Toni Casquinha, Óscar, The Adventures of John without Fear; And various advertising films.
He made layouts for some episodes of the series Angelitos and made several films of O Jardim da Celeste, Sésamo Street and Ilha das Cores.
Together with two more people, he made a short film called Dois Dários and a Azulejo, which won two honorable mentions (Cinanima and Famafest), a prize of the public and participated in several international festivals. He was also the director of O Desalmado and the series Histórias de Molero (an adaptation of Dinis Machado's book, Que Que Diz Molero). For publicity, the Intermarché campaign is worth mentioning, where he made more than two hundred films during the years 2006 and 2007.


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