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Gallery Of Illustration & Posters By Agata Dudek - Poland
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Agata Dudek - Poland
Agata Dudek, born in Warsaw in 1984, is a graphic designer, illustrator, and author working in a variety of mediums.
She has collaborated with several enterprises including the children’s clothing company Endo.
Dudek has received a number of prestigious awards including the main prize at the Książka dobrze zaprojektowana (The Well Designed Book) competition and the Grand Prix SATYRYKON LEGNICA 2009.
She has been nominated several times for the Najpiekniejsza ksiazka roku PTWK (PTWK’s Most Beautiful Book of the Year) and Ksiazka Roku Polskiej Sekcji IBBY (Book of the Year of the Polish Section of IBBY) competitions.
Her publication Wandering Across the Sky was deemed the Book of the Year 2011 by the Polish Section of IBBY and the Most Beautiful Book of Year 2011 by PTWK.
She had been previously nominated for both awards for the illustration of Aldous Huxley’s short children’s book, The Crowes of Pearblossom.
She has presented work at international exhibitions in Bologna, Berlin and New York. Her illustrations have appeared in a vast number of publications, including Newsweek, PANI, Przekroj, Bluszcz and Zwierciadlo.

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