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Gallery Of Illustration & Paintings By Avetis Khachatryan - Armenia
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Avetis Khachatryan 1979 Born in Yerevan, Armenia 2000 , Graduated from the faculty of Wood Carving in Yerevan Art college 2006 , Graduated from the faculty of visual arts in Panos Terlemezian Arts College 2006 , Member of Artists’ Union of Armenia 2009 ,Participated in International Animation Film Festival of Yerevan “ReAnimania” 2009 , Participated in festival “Winterfest Armenia 2009” and was awarded the first place .
His works are kept in private collections in Armenia, USA and Russia.
On each canvas Avetis’s colorful dream carries a mystery of silence.
Silence does not acknowledge time since the fairytale is everywhere, Avetis’ fairytale.
Like every serious artist accentuates national colors, so does Avetis in his fairytale-reality; however, in the free inner world there is already a found Khachatryan’s corner.
Roots of Avetis’s art are deep.
Form, material, and national coloring have emotional background, blended with classical and contemporary visual art. Each image begins its new day by starting a dialogue with itself.
Sadness and silence on canvases are revealed by mystery of waiting and biblical images, and faith in the light of future you feel with internal energy, passed from one character to other, which Avetis with his coloring solution passes to us.
And like true artist he summarizes all that is said, connecting inside and outside world with tender sensual tones.
For deeper understanding of Avetis’s paintings you often need to pass from the field of art to public field. You can not move away from his characters leaving your conversations half finished because they can hear, speak, tell, dream, love……


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