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Gallery Of Illustration & Characterdesigns By Patrick Brown - Australia
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Patrick Brown - Australia
Born in 1985, he grew up drawing and has been doing it ever since.
Currently working as a graphic designer he uses his free time to create artwork based on everything and anything that he likes.
From gaming to movies to comic art, his artwork is always full of energy and movement and keeps a modern comic art feel.
I have lived in Australia my whole life, I started drawing at the age of 5.
From there I turned it into my hobby and by the time I hit college I learned how to use my art digitally using Photoshop.
I have always been greatly inspired by many things, from games to movies and even TV series. If I like something I draw it.
Most people call me a fan artist, but I like to think of it as giving me a reason to draw something so I can improve myself for better things.
I love what I do, I always have. Without my fans I am nothing, so thank you to everyone who enjoys my work.

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