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Gallery Of Illustration & Character Designs By Oscar Ramos - Chile
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Oscar Ramos - Chile
Oscar Ramos is a well known illustrator who works and lives in Santiago, Chile.
studied graphic design in Santiago de Chile, but at the end of my studies, I deffered immediately to illustration.
18 years ago I learned to illustrate from the hand of a great advertising illustrator, so I think I handle that language and adapt well to any type of advertising campaign.
But my main inspiration has always been the traditional realistic painting.
I have always admired the elaborate work of traditional painters, in particular those who make human figure and portraits.
Along the way I worked in publishing and advertising design, that is until I found a world more fun in animating cartoons.
By working in the production of commercial and animated series I developed my love for character development, the creation of backgrounds with powerful atmospheres, and conceptual design in general.
All this has made my work evolve toward caricature with a realistic finish that characterises my style.
All the time I have felt the need to move forward, so I hope to keep learning from other masters of the same nature.

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