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Gallery Of Illustration By Molly Fairhurst - Uk
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Molly Fairhurst - UK
Artist and illustrator
based in Bristol, UK
NYT Gender, The Creative Independent, Nobrow Press,
WaterAid, Camden Town Brewery, ZEIT LEO children’s magazine,
Intern Magazine,, The Sad Ghost Club,
Vitenparken Science Park, ShortBox, Bristol Comic & Zine Fair,
FORGE Art Magazine
NoBrow Studio Dreams, London (2018)
Equinox, Bristol (2018)
LOVE, Newcastle and Leeds (2018)
& London TBC
The House That Heals The Soul, Leeds (2018)
Out of Order, World Toilet Day Installation for WaterAid, London (2017)
It’s Nice That- The Graduates 2017, London (2017)
Extra-Ordinary, LCA/LAU degree show, Leeds (2017)
Out of Order, print exhibition, Leeds (2017)
PRESS riso fundraiser, Milton Keynes (2017)
Off The Page, print exhibition, Leeds (2016)
& ELCAF 2017*, Thoughtbubble*, Leeds Zine Fair,
Bristol Comic and Zine Fair, SHAKE Bristol
as part of Grid Kids.

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