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Gallery Of Illustartions By Andrew Robinson - Usa
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Andrew Robinson - USA
I consider myself to be a sculptural painter.
My work uses an array of techniques in creating an image-object including collage, burning, painting, and drawing.
The purpose of which is to discuss abstract issues of identity by visually recreating a similar conflict and sense of vulnerability.
These concepts are manifested in the works' graphic composition and fine textures as they converse both harmonically and discordantly within the same vessel. Visually, some shapes may read closer but physically fall back. Each piece struggles to be viewed as an image and/or a sculpture and strains the laws of perspective.
This reflects the schism between the physical, describable self and the metaphysical.
Drawing inspiration from artists such as Cai Guo Xian, Lui-Shou Kwan, and Anselm Kiefer I continue to explore new media and techniques. Each piece is very process driven.
I will start with a sketch or simply an idea and as I work with it, a conversation forms eventually precipitating a final image usually far from the original prospect.
I am not only communicating through my art but with it. 'Mistakes' are simply part of the discussion with the piece as it forms. In "Condition I" I began with a heavy layer of paint that I partially spray painted.
After letting the paint drip and dry, I had a new image and texture I had not planned on.
The colors and division of the space were chosen in reaction to this partially Chance directed means of mark-making.
After adding the center orange rectangle (its complimentary color and its symmetry meant to evoke a sense of power), I added a textured border to balance the physical weight without changing the compositional weight.
It isn't until an artwork reaches a point of resonance to my image of and emotion about the piece that I consider it complete.

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