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Gallery Of Drawing & Illustrations By Soyun Park - South Korea
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Soyun Park - South Korea
My name is Soyun Park and I am a visual development artist and illustrator living in Pasadena.
I was born in South Korea and lived most of my life there (about 20 years) before I came to United States to pursue my dream.
I stayed for part of my childhood in Florida attending preschool and watched Hollywood animations, which totally got my attention.
Since then, one of my biggest joy was watching animations and being part of their world.
It all started there.
My love and passion drove me to come to United States to study art and animation. In April 2017, after four and half years of study, I graduated from ‘Art Center College of Design’ in Pasadena, majoring ‘Illustration: Entertainment Arts’. I am currently working in DreamWorks and in the mid of my journey of ‘becoming the artist who makes inspiring animations.

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