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Gallery Of Drawing & Illustrations By Leinil Francis Yu - Philippines
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Leinil Francis Yu - Philippines
Leinil Francis Yu is an incredibly talented Filipino comic book artist that has been producing artworks for Marvel’s Secret Invasion, Wolverine and Indestructible Hulk, among others.
Leinil Francis Yu (born July 31, 1977) is a Filipino comic book artist, who began working for the American market through Wildstorm Productions.
In an interview published in Marvel's Daily Bugle newsletter, he described his style as Dynamic Pseudo-Realism.
Yu sketching at the New York Comic Con in Manhattan, October 16, 2011.
Leinil Francis Yu was first recognized after winning the Wizard's Drawing Board Contest, his first published work.
He was first hired by Whilce Portacio to do some work for Wildstorm and started his comic book artist's career on Aster: The Last Celestial Knight (with Ronaldo Roxas) in the mid 90's, but that work fell through.
Portacio then passed on samples of Yu's work to Marvel Comics, who subsequently hired him to work on Wolverine.
After his run on Wolverine he moved on to work on Marvel's core X-Men title in 2000, which was being written by Chris Claremont at the time.
Yu continued to work on other Marvel titles such as Fantastic Four, Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk and New Avengers. He also co-created High Roads with writer Scott Lobdell at Cliffhanger, and Superman: Birthright with Mark Waid and Silent Dragon with Andy Diggle at DC Comics.

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