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Gallery Of Drawing & Illustrations By Jared Muralt - Switzerland
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Jared Muralt - Switzerland
Muralt is largely inspired by the quotidian: his sketchbooks, which he carries with him at all times, are filled with fascinating studies of people, scientific inventions and the animal kingdom.
Indeed, it is via these primary, diaristic sketches that Muralt’s vast imagination takes shape delightful, energetic caricatures, sci fi experiments and both alternate and future worlds are all boldly rendered in pen on paper.
As such, Muralt’s curious and adventurous spirit manifests in wholly idiosyncratic illustrations and ultimately underpins his artistic practice.
Jared Muralt was born in 1982 in Bern, Switzerland.
Though he attended art school for one year in Bern, Muralt is primarily self taught, and he developed his precision and skill through the careful study of books as diverse as those pertaining to anatomy, art history and comics.
Muralt is also co founder of BlackYard studio, a Swiss illustration and graphic design agency that was honored with Bern’s Advancement Award for Design in 2009.

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