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Gallery Of Drawing & Illustrations By Dani Blazquez - Spain
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Dani Blazquez - Spain
Dani Blazquez is an artist from Spain who has created mulitple graphics for Landyachtz over the last few seasons.
When I was a child I always was drawing.
I used to pick up a piece of paper and I scribble on it until you couldn't see blank paper anymore.
But as time passed I left it completely.
I didn't draw for years. I came back to the pencils around 2007 with some sporadic projects for friends.
I was a little rusty, so in 2009 (to 2012) I did an illustration degree and I decided to turn my hobby into my job.
Now I'm living doing the thing I used to love when I was a little boy, and this is absolutely amazing
Dani Blazquez just started into the illustrative scene, as it’s in 2013 when this boy from Salamanca began his career as a freelance ilustrator , finishing, just one year before, his illustration studies at the EAO in Oviedo.
Despite this he has been involved on international projects in countries like Germany or Canada.

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