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Gallery Of Darawing & Illustrations By Stephanie Brown - Usa
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Stephanie Brown - USA
I like to tell stories with my art.
With a big influence from movies, my illustrations put a heavy influence on character, atmosphere, and lighting.
Because of this, some have referred to my style as cinematic illustration.
Because of my preference for scifi, fantasy, and horror, I have done a lot of work for movies, video games, RPG games, books, and graphic novels in those genres.
Talks Machina Fan Art of the Week, MCAD's 2006 Visual Scholarship
Fantasy Flight Games, MIT, Great Northern Games, Blue Pulse Studios, Eric D. Howell (film dir.), Spain Willingham (film dir.), Pelgrane Press, Growling Door Games, Many Sided Dice, Infinity Flower Publishing, Varien (composer)

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