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Gallery Of Comic Art By Marcelo Lelis-Brazil
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Marcelo Eduardo Lelis de Oliveira (Montes Claros, July 30, 1967), known as Lelis, is a Brazilian illustrator and comic strip, with works published in Brazil, France and Serbia.
Marcelo Lelis is the son of the writer and poetess Mary Lelis, author of the book "Pieces of Me" and immortal of the Montes-Clarense de Letras Academy (AML) and the Montes Claros Women's Academy of Letters (AFL-Moc). Egido de Lelis (Do), is the great-grandson of the equally farmer and politician in Coracao de Jesus Alvaro Augusto de Lelis (who was the son of Captain Camilo Candido de Lelis, Hero of the War of the Paraguay and former Prefect of Montes Claros, and of Dona Adelaide Odília de Medeiros, daughter of the farmer, merchant and politician, Cypriano de Medeiros Lima, Baron de Jequitahy) with Dona Felicidade Perpetua Leal Tupinamba (Dadinha) (daughter of the farmer, politician And merchant Major Domingos Garcia Leal Tupynambas, founder of Tauape and descendant of the Garcia d'Avila of the Tower House, and of Dona Felicidade Perpetua da Silveira, daughter of the farmer Florentino Jose da Silveira and therefore granddaughter of the incongruous Joao Jose da Silveira.
He began his career as an illustrator in 1986, in the newspaper Diario de Montes Claros. Three years later, he moved to Jornal O Norte, also from his hometown. He moved to Belo Horizonte in 1992, working for the newspaper O Estado de Minas. In 1997, he went to Sao Paulo, where he became a collaborator of Folha de S.Paulo. 
He created comics for the independent magazines Graffiti 76% Comics and Legend . In 2001, he published the album Saino a percura, with stories set in the northern region of Minas Gerais, among them Neo Liberal 2, which had been awarded at the third International Biennial of Comics .
Marcelo Lelis

The international recognition for his work came in 2002, with an invitation to participate in the Angoulême Festival, at the exhibition Traits Contemporains, dedicated to new trends in comics.
He returned to Belo Horizonte and, in 2004, he designed a series of illustrations about Ouro Preto, Congonhas, Sao Joao del Rei, Tiradentes and Diamantina, gathered in the book Cidades do Ouro (Casa Editora 21, 2005).
In 2009, he published the album Dernieres cartouches (Last cartridges), by the French publisher Casterman. The graphic novel, written by Antoine Ozanam, tells a story of treasure hunting set in the period of the American War of Secession . In the same year, Lelis was one of the authors selected for the Serbian anthology Stripolis, which brought together comic strips by artists from the Czech Republic, Poland, Canada, USA, Italy and Belgium .

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