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Gallery Of Character Designs By Kamwei Fong - Malaysia
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Kamwei Fong - Malaysia
Malaysian artist Kamwei Fong creates cute illustrations of fluffy cats using only black ink.
Despite their contextual isolation and uniform style, each of Fong’s cats display unique personalities: some are fluffed and puffed into self-contained balls; others look with curiosity or wariness at fish that dangle or waves that crash from the animals’ own tails.
The artist builds each feline form using innumerable short thin lines, varying the density of the marks to create volume as well as a palpable sense of furriness.
Kamwei's animal-themed art centres on a goldfish named Bo, and a series of furry animal illustrations known as The Furry Thing.
His work carries a sense of playfulness and an optimistic outlook on everyday life, with .

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