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Gallery Of Character Design By Florian Satzinger
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Gallery of character Design By Florian Satzinger 
Florian Satzinger - Austria
Florian Satzinger is an Austrian character designer and author. 
He was a student of the well regarded Disney, MGM and Hanna Barbera animator and animation director Ken Southworth Alice in Wonderland, Woody Woodpecker, Tom & Jerry, The Flintstones, Peanuts, The Smurfs who influenced him greatly. Presently, he is a production designer, character designer and writer at S&H FEATURES and works on his first StarDucks graphic novel and on the Toby Skybuckle books series for a major French publishing house in parallel with the comic book series Childwood for a major Canadian publisher. 
Before this, he worked as a concept artist and character designer on numerous projects for clients like Red Bull, Warner Bros Worldwide Publishing etc. 
Besides his design and production work, he teaches character design, analog animation and animation history at the University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg.

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