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Gallery Of Cartoons By Valfrido Ricardo Martins - Brazil
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Valfrido Ricardo Martins - Brazil
Rico (Valfrido Ricardo Martins) (Manhuacu, June 14, 1977) is a Brazilian cartoonist, illustrator and cartoonist.
Since 2000 he is the one who makes the cartoons of the newspaper ValeParaibano, today O Vale, in Sao Jose dos Campos, in the state of Sao Paulo.
His cartoons earned him the first place in the 16th Carioca Salon of Humor, in 2005, after a second place, with an honorable mention, in the National Salon of Humor of Ribeirao Preto in 2004.
He has been nominated several times for the HQmix Award, which is considered the Oscar of Brazilian comics.
He has twice won the Moura BD & Cartoon in Portugal.
In 2005 it obtained the first place in the category Strips, and in 2004 won in the category Cartoon.
Apart from Portugal, his works have already been exhibited in humor parlors in Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, Korea and Japan.
In Brazil, he participated in the exhibition 60 years of Risks and Laughter, of the Union of Professional Journalists of the State of Minas Gerais (SJPMG) and of the exhibition organized by the cartoonist Mayrink for the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), as well as exhibitions as Carioca Salon of Humor in 2005 and 2006.
He is the author of Rico's Rich Humor, Where I Was Errei and co-author of the books. This is an absurd and a "twelve" of Mineiro humor.
His works have been published in several Brazilian magazines, such as Imprensa, Voce S.A., Recreio, My Own Business, Epoca Negócios and Bundas (by the cartoonist Ziraldo).
His cartoons also appeared in several Brazilian newspapers, such as Pasquim21, Jornal do Brasil, Estado de Minas, among others.
He also illustrated the books Speak much better, That is what is said and Be a great speaker, Professor Reinaldo Polito, master in communications.
In November 2006 he released his second independent book, Where Did I Go? In January 2009 he launched the humor comic magazine "BAGACA".

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