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Gallery Of Cartoons By Quino - Argentina
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While millions of North Americans are familiar with the works of editorial cartoonists such as Conrad and such fixtures of newspapers, books, etc.
as Charles Schulz, Gary Trudeau and Gary Larson, the name Quino rings few bells in the English-speaking world.
In Latin American and much of Europe, though, the Argentinian-born artist who goes by the single name of Quino
(real name Joaquin Salvador Lavado) is as well known as Schultz and Larson are in the United States and Canada.
Mixing Satire, political commentary, irony and pathos, the cartoons of Quino have been satisfying his legions of fans for decades.
Many of his cartoons have no dialogue and their message comes across in a universal language, although in some cases it helps to have an understanding of Latin American and particularly Argentinian politics.
Quino's work has most often been published in Spanish or Italian, but there are reportedly even Chinese translations.
Undoubtedly the best known of Quino's work is his character Mafalda and it remains immensely popular throughout the world even though he stopped producing Mafalda comics in the 1970's.


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