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Gallery Of Cartoons By Paolo Dalponte - Italy
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Paolo Dalponte - Italy
illustrator, humorist, painter, uses in his cartoons the black and white technique.
The pencil is his most suited tool to describe subjects in sharp details in order to render the translation of his idea of graphic humor most real.
His images come from surreal culture and from this way of conceiving the artistic message, they have absorbed its provocative strength and fascination.
The author trusts to objects, approached in an unusual way, to their inside metamorphosis, and to their infinite game of exchange, the task of triggering the mechanism of thought.
Their logic often escapes the common sense of things.
The absence of color takes to a colder view of the subject; to a more analytical rather than emotional viewpoint.
There is the need to communicate, but in a distinct way, and in this exchange, in this message, a click is created that outbreaks both doubt and smile.
Personal Exibition
1988 Stenico (Italy),1989 Trento Studio d’Arte Andromeda (Italy),1991 Alba (Italy)
1992 Bologna Galleria Gnaccarini (Italy), Studio d’Arte Andromeda Trento (Italy)
1993 Arcevia Ancona (Italy),Innsbruck Galerie B. Kass ( Austria)
2011Prostejov ( Cech Republic)Trento Studio Andromeda
2011Bagolino S: Laurence Church
2012Studio d’Arte Andromeda Trento
Se questa non e una pipa…
Rovereto “Erbario immaginario
2013Studio Andromeda Trento “Caffe”
2014Borgo Valsugana “Un’altra Natura”
2010Damasco (Siria) Special prize
Peking RedamanArt Second Prize
2011Surgut (Siberia) First prize
Gallarate ( Italy) Prize “Cava”
2012Baja (Hungaryan) First prize
Fano CartoonSEA Jury Prize
Gallarate Jury Prize
2013Surgut ( Siberia) Second prize
and Special Prize “Astra Media”
Comunication Agency
Kragujevac “ Bjelsko Biala Prize”
2014Olen (Belgium) Kartoenale 1° Prize
2015Kruishoutem (Belgium) Third Prize
Gabrovo (Bulgaria) Awarded

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