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Gallery Of Cartoons By Oton Anton Reisenger - Croatia
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On Wednesday, 6 April 2016 at age 89, died Otto Anton Reisinger, a legendary Croatian cartoonist and big name European and world caricature.
He was born in 1927 in Rankovci place Murska Sobota (Slovenia), from the earliest days of living in Zagreb, where he finished elementary and high school and graduated in architecture.
The first cartoons published still in high school in humorous weekly "Shiloh" (Zagreb, 1943), and definitely established himself in the humorous weekly magazine "Kerempuh" (Zagreb), which has been a constant collaborator from 1946 until cessation of publication 1958 (a shorter period was and the duties of the editor). In 1950 enters the editorial "Vjesnik", in which as a cartoonist and caricaturist commentator working until retirement in 1986 but caricature intensively continues to deal with and then.
From 1960th to 1,993th day in "Vjesnik" column published caricatures of "Pen", which is humorously commented on current events and opportunities in society.
At its discretion, drew some 30 thousand cartoons and illustrations. Reisinger-note caricature of "Vjesnik" and "Vjesnik on Wednesday" and other Croatian newspapers often carried on and respected world leaves. Equally virtuous in black and white and big color drawing, published in a series of local and international magazine editions (perennial cooperation in the "Start", the Dutch "Panorama", the Swiss "Nebelsparteru" German "Quick", the British "Punch" and others.) . Abroad he has published several albums with thematic cycles caricature ( "Good People," "High Society", "Bon voyage!", "Five laps", "Amor, amor"). The album "War and Peace" (Zagreb, 1995) presented his satirical chronicle of the war years in the breakup of Yugoslavia, and in the book "Pen" (Zagreb, 1997) published a selection of caricatures of the eponymous "Vjesnik" section.
In addition to participating in numerous group exhibitions, several times solo exhibitions at home and abroad, and in September 2008 was prepared in Klovi?evi dvori in Zagreb's large retrospective exhibition. He has won numerous awards at festivals cartoons in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Japan, South Korea and Croatia. As the doyen of Croatian cartoonists were awarded a number of social and professional awards, among which the State Prize for Lifetime Achievement "Vladimir Nazor", City of Zagreb Award and Lifetime Achievement Award Croatian Journalists' Association.
The versatile painters, skilled in various techniques, Reisinger was a successful and newspaper illustrator, illustrator and book designer, posters, drawings, film set design, drafting tourist brochures, industrial designs and other forms of artistic activities. As one of the participants in the first days of our cartoon, he painted the background in the films "Big Meeting" and "Goool!".
From childhood days stuck in the strip, Reisinger also tried this type of visual narratives. In entertaining weekly "Petko" published in 1952 comic historical themes "The collapse of stone-Summit", which was his only trip to the so-called. Realistic strip. The huge popularity of experienced his comics about ŠTEFEK and family, published from 1964 to 1966. in "Blue Vjesnik".
With the departure of Otto Reisinger Croatian and international cartoons have lost one of its most brilliant representatives, and Croatian Society cartoonist irreplaceable member who is its simplicity characteristic great artists and people representing a model and encouragement to younger colleagues for doing caricatures.


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