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Gallery Of Cartoons By Omar Abdallat - Jordan
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He’s had 20 million hits on Youtube, 40 thousand subscribers and drawn 2,000 caricatures.
The super-talented Jordanian cartoonist, Omar Al Abdallat, has always had a passion for drawing.
He graduated with a degree in graphic design and has worked in different fields in animation, design and cartoons.
Omar says he was inspired by the Egyptian Artist, Bahjat Othman, who drew simple, yet deeply thoughtful, cartoons. “I thought to myself, ‘why aren’t there enough cartoonists in the Arab World?’ So I decided to get into the world of caricatures and cartoons,” says Omar.
He had some concerns about being compared to other great artists in the region and in Jordan, who already had a huge fan base. But after winning his first award out of 1,500 participants, his motivation and confidence grew.
Omar says he realised how powerful caricatures can be and how quickly they can spread a message to the world.
In 2006, Omar and a few other partners started up a cartoon entertainment series for telecoms companies.
Omar strongly believes that comedy, cartoons and caricatures should be used in the development and education of our society.
He says: “Every country has its amazing talents that draw and create content to spread awareness and make people laugh.
The aim of what I do is to make people happy, smile and at the end of the day benefit from the message, to better understand issues around us.” Omar’s example of the importance of this is Majed magazine.
He says: “This magazine changed how UAE youth view their country, they grew prouder and learnt to respect their home and society. We are seeing young teens let go of these talents because it’s a tough market without solid support – but these teenagers need to fight it, give their passion a chance and follow their dreams.”


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