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Gallery Of Cartoons By Niels Bo Bojesen - Denmark
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Niels Bo Bojesen - Denmark
Niels Bo Bojesen (b. 1958) is a Danish editorial cartoonist.
A graduate of the Danish School of Design and having attended the School of Visual Arts/Department of Media Arts, New York.
He creates editorial cartoons for danish newspapers as well as international websites, newspapers and magazines.
He is represented by Cartoon Movement and New York Times Syndicate/ CartoonArts International.
Prizes and honors:
2017 - Awarded Editorial Cartoonist of the year in Denmark - The Pentel Prize
2017 - 17th World Press Freedom International Editorial Cartoon Competition - Second Prize
2016 - United Nations/Ranan Luire Political Cartoon Award - Citation of excellence.
2016 - Winner of the concourse of the European Commission - ‘Una Vignetta per L’Europa’.
2016 - First Edition of World Humor Awards, Bronze Trophy.
Member of the Danish Association of Journalists, the Danish Association of Editorial Cartoonists, Member of the board of The Museum of Danish Cartoon Art and former member of The Board of the Danish Association of Editorial Cartoonists.

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