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Gallery Of Cartoons By Nekra Nexhat Krasniqi - Albania
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Nekra Nexhat Krasniqi - Albania
Nekra is the pseudonym of the world-famous cartoonist from Peja Nexhat Krasniqi, who is the creator of the figure that symbolizes the Kosovar.
The Kosovar' is a drawn figurine man with his hair waving down, who comments, imitates, pinches, teases, reacts, mocks, who usually is ironic, who cries and laughs at all of us and with all of us. Nekra graduated from the Graphic Department of the Academy of Arts of Kosova specializing in graphic design and animation film.
During his three-decade-long career, Nekra has received numerous awards and honors, including Honorable Mention at World Cartoon Biennial, Tolentino, Italy (1979), First Prize at Saloni i Karikatures ‟82, Prishtina, Kosova (1982), Grand Prize at World Cartoon Festival, Marostica, Italy (1982), First Prize at International Cartoon Contest, Sarajevo, Bosna-Herzegovina (1983), Excellent Prize at International Cartoon Contest „Yoimuri Shimbun‟, Tokyo, Japan (1983), Grand Prize „Sant Andrea‟ at World Cartoon Biennial, Vercelli, Italy (1984), Second Prize at International Cartoon Contest, Amstellven, Holland (1984), Prize „Necati Abaci‟ at International Cartoon Contest „Don Quichotte‟, Stuttgart, Germany (2008), etc.

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