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Gallery Of Cartoons By Lucas Varela - Argentina
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Lucas Varela - Argentina
Lucas Santiago Varela (Buenos Aires, 1971) is undoubtedly one of the most original, complete and versatile sketches that have emerged in Argentina in recent times. Graphic designer, graphic designer, illustrator, plastic artist and, above all, cartoonist, his works Received international awards and were exhibited in museums and cultural centers, after appearing in such publications as Clarín, La Nación Magazine, Genios, Rolling Stone, La Mano, Comiqueando, Skorpio, Fierro, La Mujer de mi Vida and TXT.
He also designed animation for the Fox Channel and dozens of promotional illustrations for advertising agencies, plays, rock bands and themed bars.
Two of his recent comic strips (El and The Scarlet Horn) have been successfully published in France, the Netherlands and USA.

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