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Gallery Of Cartoons By Luc Vernimmen - Belgium
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Luc Vernimmen - Belgium
Graphic Arts on the St. Lucaspaviljoen (Antwerpen) (1978 -1982)
and Sculpture (1983) on the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerpen).
Graphic designer and software quality tester
Illustrator of School -and Children’s Books
Exhibitions (solo and collective) since 1982 oil on canvas, etchings and drawings.
Selections and prizes in different Cartoon and Art competitions:
2nd prize Art Competition 'Round Table' 1980
1st prize Affiche contest 'Openbare bibliotheek' 1981
Trofee Brouwerij De Kluis cartoon contest Beringen 1988
Prize of the Press cartoon contest Beringen1991
Prize 'International humour in Art' cartoon contest Boechout 1992
Prize 'Syilvania' cartoon
contest Beringen 1993 - Eervolle vermelding cartoon contest Boechout 1994 - 3d Prize cartoon contest
Boechout 1996 - Keverprijs cartoon contest Masereelfonds 1997 - First Prize cartoon contest Olen 1999
nominated for prize Cartoonfestival 'Freedom and Journalism
Truiden (Belgium)2007 - Honourable Mention European Cartoon
contest Desigualdades Discriminacoes e Preconceitos 2007 (Portugal)
Special prize 3rd Ekaterinburg
Intern. Cartoon Contest 2007 - Prijs Provincie Antwerpen kartoenale Olen 2007 - 3de prijs Cartoonale
Stroop uit Borgloon 2007
Honourable Mention X PortoCartoon Wold Festival 2008 (Portugal), Special
Prize of Alanya Municipality 8th International Mediterranean Cartoon contest 2008,etc. ...

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