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Gallery Of Cartoons By Gatis Sluka - Latvia
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Gatis Sluka - Latvia
I'm a cartoonist Gatis Slug.
Slip is not my nickname, as some people think, but the real surname.
Where did I come from In Raua, in the beautiful village of Vidzeme, I also took a pencil for the first time in my hand.
I draw, draw and in grade 1 I realized that I want to become a cartoonist.
For a while, I have been overwhelmed by the magazine Dadzis.
I was already trying to do the subjects in the lessons of drawing lessons in a caricature style with big nose and big eyes.
I draw people with four fingers, for the time being, because the four fingers were both cartoon characters and some good cartoonists.
It did not make any difference to the drawing tutors, even more so, with good marks.
Walt Disney and Gunnar Berzins have been studying my time.
So I'm drawing pleasure to myself and others, as someone suggested sending some cartoons to a newspaper and the newspaper also published them.
It was held in the newspaper Communications Vestis in 1993.
Afterwards, my works were published by the magazines Zeme,Fokuss, Independent morning newspaper, magazines Autobild Latvija,, FHM for more than 10 years once a week, I draw the Sports News cartoon.
Since 1998 I have been working at Latvijas Avize.
In the middle of drawing cartoons, I have completed the Riga College of Applied Arts and got a master's degree in graphic arts at the Latvian Academy of Art, as well as I have completed animation courses at A Film Latvia.
Studying at the Academy of Arts I also participated in graphic art exhibitions in Latvia and neighboring countries.
In turn, I am now practicing almost the closest thing to me the cartoon.
Also, from time to time, participate in an exhibition in Latvia and abroad.

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