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Gallery Of Cartoons By Fadi Abou Hassan - Syria
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Fadi Abou Hassan - Syria
Fadi Abou Hassan is a widely published and award-winning freelance cartoonist.
He lived as a refugee in Syria until the uprising in 2011, and is known for his many cartoons commenting on the everyday life and political events in Syria and the Middle East in general.
His cartoons focus on human rights, women’s rights, and political violence taking place in the country.
His cartoons have been published in various print and online outlets, including Al-Quds Al-Arabi, Alroya (Muscat), Al jazeera (Dawha), Al-Seyassah (Kuwait), and (Amsterdam).
He is Editor in Chief of Cartoon Home Network International.
He is a member of Good Humor Party (P.D.H)/Poland
He is a member of Cartooning for peace, Paris| France.

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