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Gallery Of Cartoons By Eray Ozbek -Turkey
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Eray Ozbek -Turkey
I was born in 1942 in Mugla-Turkey.
I graduated from the Architectural Branch of the Academy of Fine Arts in Istanbul.
I am drawing for periodic magazines and exhibitions.
My personal exhibitions: 1951- Bergama, 1988-Mugla, 1990-Izmir, 1994-Ankara and Trento, 1996-Antalya, 1999-Ankara, 2002- Izmir , 2004-Kragujevac , 2006-Bergama and Izmir, 2008-Corum, 2009-Izmir ,2011-Nahcivan, 2015-Istanbul, 2016-Krusevac. In recent years, I opened also five more exhibitions in different types of graphics.
I won 124 prizes (88 international) in 26 countries.
I have an album : "Silhouettes"

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