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Gallery Of Cartoons By Emad Hajjaj - Jordan
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Emad Hajjaj is a Jordanian cartoonist, born in West Bank in Jordan in 1967.
He graduated from Yarmouk University in 1991 with a BA in Graphic Design as a Major, and journalism as a Minor.
After graduation, he worked for several local & regional newspapers, in Jordan, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
He worked as a designer, creative director, computer illustrator, animation creator, copy writer, in many local Jordanian advertising agencies.
He has been a member of the Jordan Press Association since 1999 and he is the Vice president of the Jordanian Cartoonists Association.
He made two exhibitions in the City Hall of Amman in 1999 and 2008.
He also made cartoon exhibition in the American University of Beirut in May 2003 and in the Jordan Social Club in Dubai in November 2003.
He is also the author of “Al Mahjoob”, Vol. I & Vol. II, a caricature Albums published in 1999 & 2008.
He won different awards: the 1st award as best cartoonist and the Al Hussein Journalist Creativity Award, JPA 2001, the Arabic Press Award 2006 from the Dubai Press Club (DPC), Best Published Cartoon in Arabic Media for the year 2005.


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